The cost of laying fibre optic cables is still the most expensive part of bringing broadband to new places in the UK. There is now an efficient method of construction that is worth considering for fibre installation. While it has been around for many years, micro trenching is gaining acceptance as a less expensive way to lay fibre optic cables at greater speeds than traditional methods.

In cities, for example, streets on many occasions are closed off while they are dug up – annoying residents, business owners, drivers, and local authorities.┬áCosts for labour, permits/noticing, traffic management and restoration fees are high, adding to budgets and even making some projects uneconomic.

Micro trenching involves digging a narrow trench of between 30mm to 70mm wide and up to 750mm deep. These trenches can then hold multiple micro-ducts for fibre cables. The technique can be used on open highways and pavements where the composite makeup is asphalt. Clearcomm Group Limited are major players in the use of micro trenching, passing more homes per week than many of our competitors.

Our offerings in this field are a full turn-key solution from planning, construction, micro-tube installation, toby box and cable chamber construction, specialist reinstatement, micro tube testing, fibre optic blowing, splicing and network commissioning.