As a truly committed business Clearcomm Group Limited take Safety, Health, Environment and Quality very seriously.

By continuously improving the way we work, reducing red tape, we free up time to focus on high risk activities, engaging and listening to our people, while maintaining high basic site standards. By listening and implementing systems this aligns us more closely with legal requirements and the expectations of the HSE and other regulators.

Our systems allow us to manage our health and safety risk in a disciplined and consistent manner, involving those with the greatest understanding of risk when planning or executing our work.

To fully understand and manage our Health and Safety risks, we must always promote and facilitate openness, honesty, and trust across everyone involved in our works. Every Clearcomm Group worker must feel empowered never to accept unsafe behaviour. We have a no-blame culture: learning from accidents and incidents, however they occur, is key to protecting people better in the future

Our vision

Our health and safety vision is focused around Safer, Healthier and Happier people.


Think safety first. Formal processes and standards help to keep us safe at work, but it’s you and me who make safety part of our culture. Work safely or not at all.


Reasonable efforts were made to identify and manage risk. For example, a construction job that is conducted safely.


Let’s enjoy life. At work and at home. Friends and family are important, and so are your relationships at work. Keep a healthy balance and get the best of both.


Compliance with regulations and standards.


The quality of communication such as presentations and documentation.


Consistency with the norms and practices of a profession. For example, a lawyer who uses legal terms accurately.


Service interactions are positively received by customers. If customers aren’t happy, every reasonable effort was made to correct the situation.